About Us

The music industry is constantly evolving with new talent, new ideas, technology and new sounds. Creativeness and innovation are key to this ever-evolving industry. Creating Box Guitars to assist in this new age of music is simply part of the evolution of change.

I was fortunate enough to have been given a guitar by my parents at the age of six. People say true talent starts at a very young age. Studying at the Victorian College of the Arts gave me an appreciation of music, culture and history. Shortly thereafter, I found myself traveling the world and experiencing an array of talent. This led me to create more than a dozen albums, played as a session guitarist, produced and arranged music and toured with some of the most talents musicians in Australia and the USA.

I have played with a myriad of musician and bands; such as Energy, Bobby Kimball, The Circle, Stone Nation, The Twisted Hippies, Energy, Janette Geri and Rory Ellis. I joined forces with Larry Corryelle and the following year was fortunate enough to appear on MTV and CNN USA. I formed a band ‘Voices’ in 1992 which featured Bobby Kimball, Glenn Hughes and Virgil Donati and recorded with Virgil and Jack Jones. In 2000 till 2002 I toured with the Australian Doors and Rory Ellis.

I was the third Australian to ever be featured in Guitar Player magazine after David Briggs & Frank Gambale in 1989, was featured in Guitar World magazine and Guitarist UK magazine in 1990 followed by German guitarist and Japanese magazines in 1991.  

My true passion for new and authentic sounds assisted me to create, design and manufacture a sound never before heard; and guitars with a visually appealing look and feel. I have now developed a variety of guitar models boasting this new sound and feel, stomp boxes and complimentary guitar care products to maintain the visually pleasing aesthetic quality of my designs.

I am fortunate enough to be selling my guitars, stomp boxes, guitar care products and other products across Australasia, the USA and Europe. I embrace and look forward to designing innovative guitars and creating unique music to complement this ever changing and expanding creative industry sector.

As an entrepreneur, I have created and own a successful music development and manufacturing business which boasts over twenty unique products that are successfully distributed and sold across Australia, the USA and Europe.